ZoomInfo acquires Insent for an undisclosed sum

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ZoomInfo, a market intelligence firm, has purchased Insent, a conversational platform provider for businesses. Teams will be able to conversationalize the buying process using ZoomInfo Chat, powered by Insent’s chatbot technology. ZoomInfo’s clients will be able to use chat on a wide scale due to the acquisition.

ZoomInfo, a market intelligence company, has acquired Insent, a conversational platform provider for businesses, in an undisclosed deal.

With the acquisition of Insent, companies, ZoomInfo’s clients, will use the chat at a large scale. When ZoomInfo’s industry-leading business-to-business intelligence is combined with Insent’s A.I.-driven routing capabilities, it’s feasible to give tailored experiences to the most critical prospects without overloading internal teams, which is a crucial concern of other products.

ZoomInfo Chat, the merged new service, will be accessible to new and existing clients in the third quarter.

Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo founder, and CEO said in the company’s press release that marketers invest a lot of time, money, and effort into driving traffic to their websites. Yet, only about 2% of visitors convert into leads, a considerable waste of time for teams.

The acquisition of Insent will combine chat with ZoomInfo’s dynamic IP-to-company graph and insights. Marketers will be able to instantly identify previously anonymous companies on their websites, route prospects to the right account owners, and arm them with ZoomInfo’s key intelligence about their buyers. As a result, they’ll initiate real-time conversations that can yield significant conversions.

Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo founder, and CEO

ZoomInfo Chat, powered by Insent’s chatbot technology, will allow teams to conversationalize the purchase process. By identifying, routing, and connecting prospects to the appropriate account owners in real-time, sales teams can speed up the sales process.

The teams can also utilize Insent’s in-line meeting planner, which displays at the right moment and has complex calendaring tools, to guarantee that all conversations, whether human or chatbot, are converted into scheduled meetings and grow into deeper partnerships.

ZoomInfo is a trusted leader in go-to-market intelligence and orchestration that enterprises rely on to help them identify and close their ideal customers. ZoomInfo and Insent will help shape the future of chat by allowing teams to have data-centric, intelligent conversations that can expedite sales cycles.” Mr. Pillai will join ZoomInfo as the Senior Vice President.

Arjun Pillai, Insent’s co-founder, and CEO
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