How Artificial Intelligence Can Drive SaaS

What is intelligent SaaS? 

As the pandemic emerged, SaaS enabled us to work remotely without any interruptions but with flexibility and resilience, which was important due to the working-from-home strategy.

We have explained in this article how AI plays a vital role in raising SaaS to a new level. With its flexibility and perfection, SaaS would continue functioning even as the pandemic reaches its peak. As SaaS evolves daily, you may want to keep yourself up to date on your work, in which AI will bring a whole new face to SaaS.

Afforcementing security 

In the current generation, security has become a big concern. But then, online security has been made more efficient because SaaS tools are not installed on personal computers but are found in Cloud. On the other hand, most individuals now use online VPN free to ensure that their Wi-Fi connection is secure and cannot be accessed by cyber thieves, therefore, making the overall cyber security safe. 

As AI can execute pattern coordinating, human calculation evaluation, and machine learning, it can imitate programmers or reprobate users’ activities to anticipate them. Oracle has included machine learning and AI to strengthen its cloud security administrations. With these technologies’ control, they can naturally distinguish unusual behaviors and subsequently conduct remediation to address the issue. More SaaS computers are turning to AI.


When using SaaS, automation is applicable in many ways with AI. It has replaced all the sectors where manual power was initially needed. For instance, chatbots are used to answer customer questions quickly,

Automation saves on additional costs, which would have been used to employ more workers. A bot answers questions with its automated intelligence base, letting customers care to deal with other challenging questions.

Makes your emails persuasive

With a similar urge to reach inbox zero, many AI applications have made our messages more persuasive to the readers.

Among the options considered to be very crucial are those that separate messages automatically into different categories, for example, Astro. Astro displays the most important emails for you to see, making sure you open and view important unread messages.

Predictive analytics

AI built into SaaS has multiple ways to leverage predictive analytics to make it more effective and bring a better experience to the users on SaaS. For instance, machine learning has a way of finding out the user’s behavior and preference, then triggering actions or alerts to help the user when doing their research.

It manages your files.

In the current generation, most fields require sourcing, saving, and sharing files with other individuals. But then, sometimes, these files are difficult to find. For instance, in Google Drive, this process becomes hard to manage. 

You don’t have to worry because Google came up recently with a Google drive feature using AI to foresee the files you frequently use; this makes them easy to find. For this reason, getting the exact content you want, screenshot, and spreadsheet will be easier for you and your team.

Search Assistants

Does SaaS use AI? Apart from the normal AI for SaaS channel sales use, you will find other multiple AI functions that significantly improve our businesses. Those are the fast-growing search assistants. The top three mobile companies have private flair, but whether it’s Google, Microsoft, or Apple, it is all broken down as the same thing because they have no difference. The primary function of AI now is getting a solution to product problems. Some customers may prefer using voice search processed by a text-to-speech processor before being subjected to the search engine. You may take this lightly, but if you are looking forward to using a voice assistant feature, this makes your work easier. Chances are, if your words are more difficult, you will likely confuse them.

What are the major drivers of AI?

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Rise of data-based AI 
  3. Advances in deep learning 
  4. Increase in computing powers of machines

What is the role of AI in Cloud computing?

AI can manage crucial workflow; therefore, other employed personnel can solve other challenges.


A good number of personal strategies are helpful to SaaS teams and contribute to their productivity– an example of them is attending less productive meetings and daily to-do lists, and you are also required to schedule your time wisely. The mentioned AI suggestions won’t replace or invalidate all the personalized approaches. But then, they can add more information to the existing workflows, making it easier for SaaS teams to gain more from their working hours as they are more efficient than human beings.