Zylo introduces License Optimization Workflow to ensure effective licensing

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Zylo, one of the leading SaaS management platforms, has launched a License Optimization workflow to enable their clients and customers to pick out unutilized/underutilized licenses or those lying stagnant and reclaim them. 

Seen as a move to maximize effectiveness in managing SaaS applications, the newly launched product portrays the company’s commitment to leading the SaaS management industry via innovation. The new launch was recently preceded by the launch of the AI-powered License Optimization insights a month ago. Unlike the former, License Optimization Insights, SaaS industries to automate licensing, helping businesses to downgrade underutilized licenses to free ones or even pull back, aiding cost-effectiveness. It also helps companies make better-informed decisions on licensing, including user adoption and usage.   

Why licensing optimization?

A study quoting Zylo’s 2020 SaaS Management Benchmark Report, revealed that about 38 percent of SaaS licenses procured remain unused, implying that industries that buy them are not reaping their full value, wasting money. Introducing such a License Optimization Workflow into the structure automates the entire structure, allowing a user to alert their teams via automated emails, questioning the need for unused licenses. They can later be downgraded based on the insights gathered from the workflow. 

Chief Technology Officer at Zylo, Tim Horoho, stressing the need for an increasing number of SaaS applications, added,

However, the tremendous SaaS growth last year brought a new set of challenges, as organizations invested in SaaS with little oversight into what was being purchased and how it was being utilized — leading to redundant applications and unnecessary spending. With product innovation at the forefront of our strategy, we’re especially proud to launch Zylo’s License Optimization Workflows as a necessary tool for clients to take full advantage of the information provided by License Optimization Insights.”

Zylo helps companies to reap the benefits of SaaS in a cost-effective manner, assisting them in optimizing and governing their SaaS investments. They are hence the go-to platform for enterprises that strive to provide their employees secure and compliant applications with a mitigated operational burden.

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