Zuddl receives $13 million for its basic yet effective virtual event platform

Virtual events (or hybrid virtual/physical events in many circumstances) are here to stay. Zuddl, a virtual event platform, has secured $13.35 million in Series A funding to make virtual events easier to host, personalize, and perhaps more engaging.

According to co-founder Bharath Varma, Zuddl’s focus isn’t just on the vast, public-facing trade exhibitions we all hear about every year. Instead, they’ve gained traction by assisting giant corporations (whose landing page names include Microsoft, Kellogg’s, and HSBC) in hosting internal events such as job fairs, training programs, and cross-departmental networking events.

“These Fortune 1000 companies spend as much on internal events as they do on external events, purely because of the scale of these global teams.” 

Bharath Varma, Co-founder, Zuddl’s

As easy as virtual events appear, there’s frequently a lot of complicated machinery behind the scenes that makes it all work.  Zuddl seems to do a fantastic job of boiling away many of the trouble points at first sight.

Alpha Wave and Qualcomm Ventures led the investment, backed by GrowX Ventures, Waveform Ventures, and many angel investors. It was also a part of the S20 class at Y Combinator. Zuddl presently has roughly 70 individuals, according to Varma. It has previously secured $2 million in a seed round in October 2020.

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