zip24 raises $1.2 million in a pre-series round led by Sturgeon Capital

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 zip24 has recently raised $1.2M in a pre-series round to fund its expansion in tech, product and operations teams. It aspires to strengthen operations by deploying direct sales and support personnel in Dubai, UAE expand to the UK in this year’s second half.

Dubai-based SaaS startup zip24, which streamlines operations management functionalities for e-commerce businesses, has recently announced its raise of pre-series funding worth $1.2 million in a round led by Sturgeon Capital. Angel investors, Hayaat Group, Teqvisory and Robert Kay participated in the round.

In a statement to the press, zip24 said that it would use the proceeds from the funding towards expanding its tech, product and operations teams in Tashkent, Dubai and London. It plans to deploy direct sales and support personnel in Dubai, UAE, and expand to the UK in the second half of this year.

Zip24, founded in 2020, provides cloud-based delivery management software offerings to forecast orders and logistic transactions, control and manage activities such as day-to-day retail, warehousing, order shipping, fulfillment and end-to-end delivery tracking in e-commerce operations. zip24 is at present enhancing its delivery and fulfillment cloud-based SaaS stacks – Shipox and Storfox.

Muzaffar Karabaev, CEO of zip24, stated that zip24’s product suite, from fulfillment to the last mile operations, enabled customers to help e-commerce and on-demand delivery businesses to become more agile. Mr. Karabaev enunciated that zip24 has helped numerous customers fulfill and deliver millions of orders over the past 12 months and aimed to become the leading logistics technology enabler for our customers in its next growth phase.

”We are enabling e-commerce merchants, retailers, logistics, FMCG companies, and restaurants, particularly startup operators in the space. The focus of zip24 has been in the GCC countries, Pakistan, and Central Asia, but our 100+ customers are in over 20+ countries,”

Mr. Karabaev said.

Asif Keshodia, co-founder and executive director of zip24, stated that the company’s mission is to provide innovative and fast-deployable logistics SaaS stacks to logistics operators, e-commerce merchants, and other customers. 

Stressing that zip24’s tech stacks reduce its customers’ dependence on expensive delivery and fulfillment service providers, which would otherwise take away a third of the revenues from their merchants, Mr. Keshodia added,

“You name it – predictive forecasting with AI/ML tools, route optimization, and cross-border tracking. Our solution can do it all, and at a fraction of the cost of their existing service providers. We are in the business of saving our customers’ revenues.”

Mr. Keshodia added

Mr. Kiyan Zandiyeh, CEO of Sturgeon Capital, expressed delight at leading the round for zip24 and said,

“We find the combination of a founding team of seasoned entrepreneurs and operators tackling an important issue in underserved and increasingly large markets, to make the opportunity particularly compelling, and are very much looking forward to working with the company,”

Mr. Kiyan Zandiyeh, CEO of Sturgeon Capital
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