ZeroFox acquires dark web threat intelligence company, Vigilante

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ZeroFox, external threat intelligence and security firm, has bought Vigilante, a dark web threat intelligence firm. Vigilante will be incorporated into ZeroFox right away, giving customers a one-of-a-kind Dark Ops solution. Vigilante will provide clients with information and security resources, allowing them to make better decisions.

ZeroFox, an external threat intelligence and protection company, has announced that it has acquired Vigilante, a dark web threat intelligence company. 

Vigilante’s global team of operators and analysts will be linked with ZeroFox to deliver unique data sets and threat analysis. The industry’s most robust capacity to analyze public attack surface exposure and defend companies from dark web activity is now available with ZeroFox’s upgraded platform. Through a combination solution centered on deep experience in human intelligence and AI processing of massive datasets from dark web sources, Vigilante will offer intelligence and protection resources to clients, boosting decision efficiency.

This announcement is another important milestone for ZeroFox, and it affirms our commitment to lead the charge globally in threat intelligence and protection.

James C. Foster, CEO of ZeroFox

The dark web and criminal underground are critical requirements of modern threat intelligence programs, and the agitators are moving quickly. Attacks and breaches are occurring at an all-time high, and organizations need a clear view of the underground economy, how bots may be attacking them or if their credentials, credit cards, personally identifiable information (PII), and other information could be traded there, as well as understanding emerging tactics, exploits and vulnerabilities to stay ahead. This new capability increases the scale and comprehensiveness of our dark web intelligence capabilities to our customers, protecting their organization, people, customers, and information.

James C. Foster, CEO of ZeroFox

The combined ZeroFox and Vigilante platform offer powerful dark web intelligence in the form of breach intelligence & response, data delivery, botnet exposure monitoring, and operative intelligence. 

The combination of our otherwise inaccessible datasets, our team of researchers and operatives, along with ZeroFox’s scale and artificial intelligence, now powers the industry’s only truly complete dark web intelligence service. We are proud to be a part of ZeroFox and bring our best-in-class capabilities to a broader set of customers. The new combination is the most robust Dark Web offering on the market. The unique focus on taking action to achieve results truly protects the organizations with whom we work.

Mike Kirschner, the co-founder of Vigilante

Vigilante will be incorporated into ZeroFox right away, giving customers access to a unique Dark Ops solution that gives them exclusive access to the criminal underworld through a team of expert dark web operators that undertake actor attribution, asset recovery, and other tasks.

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