Zenput raises $27M in a Series C round led by Golub Capital

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Zenput, a company focused on operational execution, has raised $27M in a Series C round led by Golub Capital. Zenput has been utilized by Chipotle, Domino’s, P.F. Chang’s, Five Guys, Smart & Final, and 7-Eleven, among others. 

Zenput, an operations execution company, has raised $27 million in a Series C funding round led by Golub Capital to continue improving its application to automate operations procedures such as food safety tracking, public health standards, and changing market circumstances.  

Other participants in the round include MHS Capital, Jackson Square Ventures, and Goldcrest Capital. A large portion of the new funds will go toward developing those new goods and services and marketing to grow the company’s client base. The firm recently released an upgrade to its food prep labeling and temperature monitoring features, as well as an extension of its Zenput for Franchisors product.

Front-line personnel utilize Zenput’s mobile app for onboarding at the start of the day and track safety compliance and fresh food inspections, which was previously difficult when a company had thousands of sites. The app may also notify you when food has been left out too long, helping to reduce food waste.

Zenput has been utilized by customers such as Chipotle, Domino’s, P.F. Chang’s, Five Guys, Smart & Final, and 7-Eleven at over 60,000 locations across more than 100 countries since its inception in 2012.

The pandemic inadvertently helped us. Initially, it was rough, but then many of the brands we dealt with needed to expedite technology and saw an opportunity to invest in our technology. We have more products coming because there is more that can be done to make sure every meal is a safe meal.

Vladik Rikhter, CEO and co-founder of Zenput,

Mr. Rikhter intends to increase Zenput’s workforce in the next 16 to 18 months, focusing on product engineering and marketing.

I wouldn’t be surprised to show up at a restaurant and see changes made daily on protocols, which will drive a lot more of the journey than before. We see more operators flexing muscles they didn’t know they had, as it relates to promotions and products, so they can grow faster and run totally different operational features and offer more options for customers.

Vladik Rikhter, CEO and co-founder of Zenput,
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