Zafin and Codat team up to help financial institutions offer personalized product, pricing services to SMBs

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Zafin and Codat team up to help financial institutions with detailed cash flow data to assist them in offering more suitable products and pricing. The partnership would help them provide better personalized services to their clients and SMBs

Zafin, a SaaS cloud-native product and pricing solutions provider for financial organizations, has announced that it would partner with Codat, a company helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with financial data.

In a press release, Zafin said that the partnership would grant banks and credit unions access to data that would personalize products and pricing provided to SMBs. The Codat-Zafin integration would deliver a superior customer experience by enhancing the depth of data available and by streamlining financial reviews and workflows for credit unions.

Additionally, the partnership would provide detailed cash flow information to financial institutions to assist them in offering more suitable products and pricing, thereby delivering better outcomes for financial institutions and SMBs.

Zafin’s cloud-native SaaS product and pricing platform provides a comprehensive view of the customer and builds new products and pricing in months. Codat, on the other hand, provides API that connects the tools and services that small businesses need for their operations and handles the heavy lifting of integrations, allowing providers to focus more on improving their offerings for small businesses.

Thomas Schickler, chief operating officer of Zafin, stated that Zafin and Codat aims to offer global financial institutions a next-level personalization.

This collaboration allows financial service providers to understand and present hyper-personalized recommendations to their SMB customers more effectively. We can now enable bankers to play a crucial role in promoting the wellbeing of their SMB clients.

Thomas Schickler, chief operating officer of Zafin

Peter Lord, co-founder and CEO of Codat, stressed that Zafin’s approach to personalization in the banking space is a fit for Codat’s technology and added,

Our mission is to make the lives of small businesses easier and enable suppliers to small businesses, through a single standar dized API, to connect with the software packages SMBs use. We look forward to seeing many more SMBs and financial institutions together flourish as a result of this partnership.

Peter Lord, co-founder and CEO of Codat
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