Wrangle receives $2 million to automate company workflows

Wrangle raised $2 million in pre-seed capital in an oversubscribed round to improve its technology, which automates processes, approvals, and tickets so that a company can track work and deliver call-to-action chores within chat platforms like Slack.

The investment was co-led by Bloomberg Beta and Eniac Ventures, with participation from Liquid 2 Ventures, Hustle Fund, TDF Ventures, and over 20 founder angel investors.

Wrangle was created in 2020 by Adam Smith and Adam Long, who bootstrapped the small firm until now. This is their third company in which they have collaborated, and they were most recently COO and CTO of Automated Insights, which was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

They observed firsthand how software may play into the new remote way of working while establishing a firm.

“It’s easy to get operations done when you’re in the same office and have five people around the table, but when you’re growing extremely fast and genuine departments form, you need a procedure to handle team-to-team handoffs.”

Adam Smith

Wrangle debuted in February 2021, initially with Slack, and has since been utilized by over 800 businesses to complete over 10,000 workflows. Reuben Doetsch, co-founder, and CTO of AvantStay, is one of their clients who has started using Wrangle for bug reporting and future requests.

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