Worksome raises $13M in Series A, eyes growth and product development

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Worksome nets $13 million in a Series A funding from Lind & Risør, Løvens Hule, and Tommy Ahlers. The proceeds shall be used to grow by investing in marketing, in building their team, and shall also be directed towards product development as per reports.

Worksome’s total funding now stands at $18.9 million, raised from four rounds. It comes after they racked up a ten times growth in revenue since January last year, even before the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a remote working boom across sectors. 

Founded in 2017, Worksome is an enterprise platform that connects companies with freelancers looking for professional roles. They help medium and large companies, working with many freelancers at a time, filling vacancies within teams rather than assisting companies in outsourcing projects. 

According to Worksome CEO and co-founder Morten Petersen, most enterprises use Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage and pay external workers. They use outdated technology that is not built for managing fluid workforces to handle complex compliance processes around hiring and managing freelance workforces. Here is where Worksome enters the picture, with a better, faster, and simpler solution to manage contractor and freelancer workforces, 

When companies hire dozens or hundreds of freelancers at one time, processes can get very complicated,” he adds, arguing that on compliance and payments, Worksome “takes on a much greater responsibility than other freelancing platforms to make big hires easier

Morten Petersen, CEO and co-founder, Worksome

Founded in 2017, Worksome has about 550 clients (employers in the market) and has included over 30000 freelancers into its marketplace so far. Over the last year, they have doubled the size of their team to 50, and in the next year, it looks to do the same in addition to scaling up its enterprise client base in the US and UK. They claim that they are going further than their rival “freelancer-as-a-service” platforms, wanting to address the entire value chain, from hiring freelancing talent to onboarding and payment.

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