WordPress owner Automattic acquires Frontity to improve full-site edit

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The Frontity team has been acquired by Automattic to improve the full-site editing developer experience and website performance. Frontity founders revealed that the Automattic investment in it last year opened the doors for the acquisition

WordPress.com owner Automattic has acquired Frontity, an open-source framework for building headless WordPress sites, for an undisclosed sum. The Frontity team would contribute to WordPress open-source projects and help improve the full-site editing developer experience, an official blog post from the Fronity founders said.

It is reported that the entire Frontity team, including its co-founders Pablo Postigo and Luis Herran, would join Automattic and contribute towards frontend development and improving the website performance.

Pablo and Luis stated that the investment of Automattic in its company in 2020 opened the doors for this acquisition. Noting that Automattic understood Frontity’s ambitions, they added,

“We believe that this is a huge opportunity. The impact our team could make working directly on WordPress is much more significant than continuing on our own, so we decided to go for it! Now we have the chance to improve the experience of all WordPress developers, not just those who want to use it as a decoupled CMS.”

Frontity Founders

Commenting on the acquisition, Matías Ventura, a lead architect of the WordPress Gutenberg project, lauded the Frontity team for their work in the past few years and added,

“We are at the cusp of exciting new opportunities with Gutenberg, and I cannot wait to start collaborating on making the experience of developing with it a joy to behold.

Matías Ventura

Pablo and Luis enunciated that the Frontity team continues to remain in the WordPress ecosystem and continue making the experience with WordPress as best as possible. Expressing delight at the opportunity to continue delivering the best with a platform like WordPress, they added,

“Thanks to both the Google for Startups and SeedRocket teams for helping us and allowing us to connect with some of the best startup founders in Spain. And to the team at Automattic, thank you for this amazing opportunity! We can’t wait to start working together,”

Frontity Founders
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