WordPress.com and Tumblr owner, Automattic, acquires journaling app- Day One

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Automattic, the company behind CMS like WordPress.com and other platforms like Tumblr, has acquired Day One, a private journaling app, and aims to seamlessly integrate its features with it. Financial details remain undisclosed, and Paul Mayne will remain the CEO 

Automattic, the company behind content management systems like WordPress and other publishing platforms, has announced that it has acquired the private journaling app Day One. The financial details of the transactions remain undisclosed.

In its blog post, Automattic stated that with this acquisition, Day One would continue to create beautifully designed and innovative experiences having features such as end-to-end encrypted cloud synchronization, rich text formatting with markdown, daily prompts, and much more. Even post the acquisition, Paul Mayne will remain the CEO.

Automattic enunciated that while its previous acquisitions, of Tumblr and WordPress, have been about sharing one’s thoughts with the world, Day One is more about privacy. With Day One, and its full end-to-end encryption offered to every entry, in every journal, privacy is at the heart of it. However, the acquisition also allows users to move beyond private journaling and share specific entries or journals with the world as Automattic will provide seamless integration of Day One with WordPress.com and Tumblr.

If you decide you’d like a wider readership still, Day One journals can be published as beautiful hardcopy books to savor, gift, or thumb through on a rainy day

Automattic stated in its blog

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. Mayne stated in his blog that he was more confident than ever as the acquisition assured the longevity of Day One. Stating that the acquisition will provide Day One access to the same technological, financial, and security benefits that WordPress.com, Tumblr, and other Automattic entities benefit from, he added,

When a small software company is acquired by a larger company, the original team is often swallowed up by the larger company. That is not the case here. I’ll be remaining at the helm of Day One, leading the same passionate team that has been responsible for the development and design behind the app today. This means that the Day One you rely on to save your thoughts, photos, videos, audio recordings, and more isn’t going away. Instead, it’ll only get better, with future integrations

Paul Mayne
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