Wipro launches FullStride Cloud Services, aims to invest $1B to expand cloud transformation capabilities

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Wipro has announced the launch of its FullStride Cloud Services and commitment to invest $1B in cloud technologies, partnerships and acquisitions to create a comprehensive cloud transformation capability for its mutual clients, partners and customers

Global IT, consulting and business processing services provider Wipro, has announced the launch of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services and intends to invest $1 billion in cloud technologies, partnerships, and acquisitions over the next three years, the company said in a press release.

The Wipro FullStride Cloud Services would bring together the entire portfolio of Wipro’s cloud-related capabilities, offerings and talent to better orchestrate its clients’ journey to the cloud. Wipro stated that the billion-dollar investment commitment would build on its existing and extensive cloud business with clients, significantly expand to its partners and hyperscalers, and create industry solutions to accelerate results for mutual clients.

Thierry Delaporte, CEO and managing director of Wipro, stated that growing cloud adoption was at the core of IT transformation initiatives and clients were turning to Wipro for assistance. 

With our $1 billion investment in cloud capabilities, and the launch of Wipro FullStride Cloud Services, we are in a far stronger position to simplify, orchestrate and accelerate the cloud journey for our clients

Thierry Delaporte, CEO and managing director of Wipro

Alongside bringing cloud-related capabilities together, Wipro FullStride would work with clients to improve their business agility, embed resilience and significantly optimize their technology investments towards change and innovation. The cloud services would target client and business needs first, orchestrating simplicity in a complex ecosystem.

Wipro highlighted its growth in the cloud business, enunciating its cloud deals in the past 12 months, where it bagged significant cloud-related wins with Telefónica Germany / O2, Verifone, and E.ON in addition to METRO AG, which it calls as one its largest deals it has made. The company employs over 79000 cloud professionals and 10000 certified-leading cloud service providers.

Timo Salzsieder, CIO of METRO AG, commented on the launch and stated that cloud adoption was a significant part of METRO AG’s IT strategy. 

For a company like METRO that operates in 25 countries, quickly migrating to the cloud enables decentralization, agility, speed and flexibility in engineering and development. We are delighted to have a multi-year strategic partner and leader like Wipro to support our cloud strategy and simplify a complex technology ecosystem for our success and growth

Timo Salzsieder, CIO of METRO AG
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