Webiny raises a $3.5M seed round from M12

SaaS News - Webiny raises a $3.5M seed round from M12 (source: SaaS Industry)
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M12 Ventures led a $3.5M seed round for Webiny, an open-source serverless CMS (Content Management System). The firm presently employs nine people, with plans to hire another six in the second half of 2021.

Webiny, an open-source serverless CMS (Content Management System), has announced that it has raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund. Other participants Samsung Next, Episode 1, Cota Capital. 

Sven Al Hamad, the founder of Webiny, says that when the firm first started, he had a hunch that serverless would be the way of the future, so he built an open-source serverless CMS.

We spoke to more than 300 companies, who had actually approached us, and they also believed that the future is going to be built on top of serverless infrastructure. While they were intrigued by the CMS we built, they were more intrigued in terms of how we built it because they had tried serverless and they had a poor experience.

Sven Al Hamad, the founder of Webiny

Sven added that he saw that the Webiny team was spending most of its time creating an underlying serverless framework to make the CMS on top of it. He realized that they should be marketing and selling both the framework and the CMS. “There was still a lot of interest for the CMS, but a lot of companies wanted both, being able to use the CMS for some of the content platforms, but also being able to build custom APIs on top, custom business logic, all on top of serverless,” he said.

He understood at that time that his firm only had two items, and that’s where they are now as they raise additional money to assist them in growing. The objective is to utilize this money to start creating commercial goods on top of their open-source offerings. He is still working to establish a community and reports that he runs a Slack group with nearly 1,000 engineers. This will entail some enterprise solutions with capabilities such as sophisticated environment management, single sign-on, improved security, etc.

The firm presently employs nine people, with plans to hire another six in the second half of 2021. He emphasizes the importance of diversity but admits that there are obstacles in a competitive market for technical expertise. “We are openly thinking about diversity,” he added, “but the general market in terms of available talent is making it extremely difficult for us to achieve that balance.” He believes that a system-wide effort is needed to teach more diverse people in STEM jobs, but that despite the obstacles, he would continue to search for a diverse workforce.

He claims that his staff is dispersed but that when it is possible to return to the office, he plans to set up offices where there are groups of individuals, allowing them the freedom to pick when and if they want to come in.

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