Vodafone India to enter IoT, cloud services

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Vodafone India (Vi) has recently announced their decision to enter the domain of integrated Internet of Things (IoT) with an intention to transform itself from a “traditional connectivity” service provider to a technology provider. 

With a foray into the IoT realm, Vi can track machine performance and control them remotely. Following their aim for transition, Vi shall also look to provide cloud services. 

A week before Vi’s announcement, their competitor Bharti Airtel had announced their launch of IoT, the Airtel IoT, aimed to provide end-to-end connectivity with the capability to manage millions of devices.

Regarding Vi’s launch, Abhijit Kishore, chief enterprise business officer of VI business, outlined their plans through a video conference, which includes an entry into three different fields. They include IoT integrated space, cloud services, and a collaboration-hosting SaaS.

From being a traditional connectivity player, we will be connectivity plus collaboration plus IoT and integrated IoT and a cloud platform,” he added.

Stating that Vi has huge growth expectations from the IoT launch, Kishore added that they had already deployed a “smart metering solution” for a power distribution firm to facilitate remote meter reading and also to help inform customers about buying cheaper power with respect to consumption load and pattern. Kishore also stressed that their Vi business model is different from their competitors.

Vi has been a significant player in the automotive space thus far, where they hold about 85-90 percent of business in the “connected car segment.”

All the major automotive industry manufacturers – Tata Motors, Kia, Hyundai, Daimler, etc., we are working with them,” Kishore added.

For Vi, things were on the dull side last year when they were declared debt-ridden. On October 30, 2020, they had reported a consolidated loss of over Rs 7200 crores for the end of Q3 last year. Reports also threw light on their dwindling subscriber base and a standing debt worth over Rs 100000 crore. 

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