Viventium and Apploi enter partnership to better serve their health industry clients
SaaS News - Viventium and Apploi enter partnership to better serve their health industry clients (source: SaaS Industry)
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Viventium and Apploi have announced a partnership, increasing collaboration between the two teams. Viventium would recruit and perform applicant tracking through Apploi to customize hiring for home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities.

Viventium, a Human Capital Management (HCM) SaaS provider and Apploi, a recruiting and credentialing SaaS for the healthcare industry, have recently entered a partnership to provide the health services market a complete end-to-end solution, supporting their hiring and people management needs, a press release from Viventium said.

Viventium stated that the collaboration between the two teams would provide its clients with healthcare-specific job board targeting, e-documentation, license verification for nurses, credential management and seamless API integration with Viventium Onboarding (recently released) and Payroll. 

Viventium, founded in 1992, offers specialized solutions in the health services markets that include home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities. Its services in the HCM domain extends across the US market. Apploi, founded in 2014, aspires to transform how healthcare companies find, screen, onboard and credential talent. Apploi streamlines the hiring process from candidate acquisition to hiring and works with over 5,000 healthcare organizations across the US today.

Dan Neuburger, CEO of Viventium, stated that with the recent release of the proprietary Viventium Onboarding module, the company aimed to couple it with a health-services-specific employee sourcing and applicant tracking option for its clients. That is where Apploi came into the picture.

Given our shared focus on health services, Apploi is the perfect choice to help us address the struggle with finding talent that so many of our health services clients are challenged with,” Dan added.

Viventium and Apploi often assist the same base of healthcare owners, operators, and employees, so naturally we’re very excited to join forces and provide an even better customer experience. Combining our strengths, including Viventium’s deep expertise in payroll and business management, lets us do more. Together we’re simplifying recruiting and onboarding as well as helping create a stronger ongoing relationship between employer and employee

Adam Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Apploi
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