Vitally raises $9M in Series A from Andreessen Horowitz

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Vitally has announced the raise of $9M in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz to continue its mission of helping organizations implement personalized customer success and scale their customer success efforts

Vitally, a provider of customer engagement platform for B2B SaaS companies has raised a Series A investment of $9 million from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Jamie Davidson, co-founder and CEO of Vitally, announced in an official blog.

Vitally’s seed round funding was in 2019, where it raised an undisclosed amount, as per Crunchbase. In the blog post, Mr. Davidson enunciated the company’s mission of helping teams implement personalized customer success. He recalled how with the evolution of SaaS, customer success evolved too, with organizations having to manage tens of thousands of customers, embracing new customer models like the 1-to-many model. It provided analytics and helped teams automate their repetitive tasks and pinpoint the exact customers needing proactive help.

However, Mr. Davidson stressed that the mission for the company was to ensure that regardless of whether organizations implemented a 1-to-1 Customer Success or 1-to-many, Vitally should emerge as the platform at the center of their efforts, helping in the automation of workflows across the long tail of customers.

Thanking customers and investors, Mr. Davidson stated that Vitally partnered with a16z as both saw challenges that modern customer success teams faced. 

We’re thrilled to have the backing of David and the entire a16z team as we continue on our mission to help all teams, regardless of whether you just acquired customer #10 or #100,000, provide personalized Customer Success at scale. Backed by powerful integrations, analytics, automation, and work management, it is our driving goal to empower all Customer Success teams to create best-in-class customer experiences

Jamie Davidson, co-founder and CEO of Vitally

David Ulevitch, a general partner of a16z, wrote in an official blog that customer success teams in organizations were in charge of retention and expansion numbers. With the massive rise of SaaS, customer success has turned into the 6th fastest-growing job. Stating that Vitally had several essential principles of a customer success management platform, Mr. Ulevitch added,

Even though Vitally was built to handle the needs of product-led companies, the product is robust enough to be a perfect fit for all modern SaaS companies – including top-down sales companies – since every company cares about customer health and long-term customer value. We’re very excited to lead Vitally’s Series A and believe all SaaS companies should use Vitally to empower their go-to-market and customer success teams.

David Ulevitch, a general partner of a16z
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