Unique raises $6 million in venture funding for its AI-powered video calls platform for sales teams

Unique, a video calls platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to train sales teams to better their pitches, has raised $6 million from a group of angel investors. Philipp Stauffer (founder and managing partner of Fyrfly Venture Partners in the United States) and Daniel Gutenberg.

To analyze client chats, Unique employs artificial intelligence (AI). Salespeople can then use the video recordings to determine which sections of their pitch work best.

It can do this in 12 different languages, including difficult ones like Swiss German. According to the organization, this can reduce the time it takes to train salespeople and increase their effectiveness. It will also record critical moments from the sales video call and store them in a protected “Deal Room” that buyers can access and share with their teams.

Serial entrepreneurs Manuel Grenacher and Andreas Hauri founded the company after their own experiences creating and leading a sales team at Coresystems, a B2B SaaS startup they sold to SAP.

“With remote and hybrid working here to stay, sales teams are often far away from their customers, prospects, and from their own colleagues and team leaders. This makes it difficult for them to connect with customers and to learn from their team, to get feedback and to ramp up. We are building Unique to reinvent the sales process, using AI to analyse conversations to light up key moments of insight and connection to help sales teams and customers build deeper, more productive relationships.”

Daniel Gutenberg.
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