Unbounce acquires Snazzy AI to add its AI copywriting tool to their platform

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Unbounce, known for their conversion intelligence software and using landing pages to help marketers earn more conversion, has acquired an AI-powered copywriting tool, Snazzy AI. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

In their blog post, Unbounce sheds light on the necessity of the move. Vancouver-based Unbounce helps marketers increase conversion rates using their conversion intelligence platform, and in their initial stages of venture, pioneered the ‘landing page’ space concept- where site traffic will be sent to a dedicated, campaign-specific page, which shall help increase conversion rates. 

However, Unbounce opined that a mere landing page is no more the only priority and that to optimize one’s campaigns to match visitors’ preferences and expectations, creating copy is the best way. This is where Snazzy’s AI content generator takes the pain out of copywriting and helps marketers create optimized marketing campaigns quicker and better, the post narrates.

Unbounce research has shown that the written content of your landing page plays an outsized role in whether or not your visitors will convert. We’re already using our machine learning model to provide actionable, data-backed insights to help you optimize your content,

an excerpt from the blog. 

Therefore, the integration of Snazzy’s AI tool into Unbounce’s conversion intelligence platform will generate the highest-converting copy.

Stating that their focus is on building a conversion intelligence software to allow marketers to work with machines, Chief Strategy Officer of Unbounce, Tamara Grominsky added

We saw a huge opportunity with Snazzy to focus particularly on the content creation and copy creation space to help us accelerate that strategy,”

Data states that having powered over 1.3 billion conversions to date, Unbounce has built a community of numerous small business marketers across the globe.  

Chris Frantz, the co-founder of Snazzy AI, stressed the significance of writing content and the role played by Snazzy in ending a writer’s block and added,

Unbounce is the clear leader in the conversion intelligence space, and we’re excited to partner with them to expand and accelerate Snazzy’s growth.

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