Twitter officially launches Twitter Blue; Canada and Australia get it first

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Twitter Blue, the company’s premium membership service, has been officially launched. The first two countries to receive this premium service will be Canada and Australia. Twitter hasn’t said when or how Twitter Blue will be pushed out to other parts of the world. In Canada and Australia, the membership will cost $3.49 and $4.49, respectively.

Twitter has officially launched its premium subscription service Twitter Blue. Canada and Australia will be the first two countries to get this service. Twitter has not clarified when and how Twitter Blue will be rolled out to other regions.     

The first-ever subscription by the social media giant will provide its users with access to premium features like bookmark organization, clutter-free thread reading, and an “Undo Tweet” option, which is the closest thing Twitter will have to the long-requested “Edit” button. 

Twitter told TechCrunch that it’s launching Twitter Blue in Canada and Australia to see if its current feature set will meet the needs of people who want more control over their Twitter experience and encourage discussion about other features that Twitter should prioritize for the future iterations of Twitter Blue.

Jane Manchun Wong, an independent app researcher, had previously revealed the company’s intentions for the subscription service by delving around inside the mobile app’s code and discovering the service’s name, pricing, and feature set. Wong’s results were backed up by the fact that Twitter Blue is now available as an in-app purchase.

A Twitter spokesperson said, “We are going to continue to iterate on different tier and pricing opportunities as we continue to learn more about what is, and isn’t, working.”

Twitter Blue will be accessible on iOS exclusively in its supported markets at first. The subscription will cost $3.49 or $4.49 in Canada and Australia, respectively. 

In their announcement blog post, Twitter explained that free Twitter would continue to function as before. The post read, “This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the already existing Twitter experience for those who want it.” 

The subscription service isn’t simply a method for Twitter to better serve its power users; it’s also part of the company’s larger strategy to diversify its income streams away from advertising.
 As Twitter has struggled to expand its user base over the years, it has lately begun to focus on monetizing the loyal users it already has. These ideas will involve providing creators with tools such as the future Super Follow subscription and Twitter Blue.

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