Treblle raises $1.4M in seed funding from VC firm Nauta Capital

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Treblle has raised $1.4M in seed round funding led by VC firm Nauta Capital to add more features to its API monitoring platform, expand its go-to-market strategy and expand its development team

Treblle, a real-time Application Program Interface (API) monitoring and analytics platform provider, has raised €1.2M ($1.4 million) in seed funding from Pan-European Venture Capital firm, Nauta Capital that predominantly invests in early-stage tech companies.

Treblle, founded in 2020, aspires to make handling APIs easy and efficient by saving developers and companies time and money in every stage of the API lifecycle – from development to post-production. Its platform has processed over two million API requests to date. Bootstrapped until now, Treblle would use the proceeds from this funding to expand its development team, add more features to its platform and accelerate its go-to-market strategy.

In an official announcement, Nauta Capital enunciated that the biggest challenge for those working with APIs is the nature and amount of complexity involved in adequately managing them, considering the time consumed. 

Vedran Cindrić, co-founder and CEO, stressed the increasing presence of API’s. He stated that APIs and API calls were everywhere today, leading to manual and repetitive processes that become a bottleneck for teams and organizations. Recalling how time was wasted on non-developmental tasks such as writing and maintaining documentation, providing Mr. Cindrić added,

We also noticed that many clients didn’t fully understand what the APIs were, how they worked, how they were being used, and what data was being sent back and forth. That is why we developed a complete solution that makes it super easy to understand and manage APIs for everybody.

Vedran Cindrić, co-founder and CEO

Pratima Aiyagiri, a venture partner at Nauta Capital, stated that the Treblle team has provided a solution for one of the top three problems in the API market and added,

Their vision is to build a business that is at the forefront of the API-led digital revolution, and we are excited to support Treblle in that journey.

Pratima Aiyagiri, a venture partner at Nauta Capital
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