Tonkean raises $50M Series B funding from Accel
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Tonkean, an OS for business operations, has raised $50M in Series B funding from Accel. The proceeds would be used to enhance its hiring across teams

Tonkean, a business operation automation startup, has announced its $50 million Series B funding, led by Accel. The company would use its proceeds to scale its hiring process across engineering and go-to-market teams and invest in its no-code orchestration platform for business operations.

Other investors – Lightspeed Ventures, who led Tonkean’s Series A last year, injecting $24 million into the company, Foundation Capital, and other tech leaders such as Scott Farquhar, co-CEO of Atlassian and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google – participated in the funding round.

Tonkean, founded in 2015, Tonkean helps businesses transform operations teams from facilitators into makers with its enterprise-grade, no-code process orchestration platform. In a statement to the press, Sagi Eliyahu, co-Founder and CEO of Tonkean, stressed that the world needed more makers as building software remains the privilege of a select few. 

Business processes are complex, and today’s options of ‘build vs. buy’ are not enough. Tonkean is challenging this status quo. We are creating a new alternative in enterprise software. Instead of just buying more applications, relying on engineering, or forcing new behavior – operations teams can now solve business problems faster, by composing their solutions.

Sagi Eliyahu, co-Founder and CEO of Tonkean

Miles Clements, a partner at Accel, expressed delight at the partnership with Tonkean and lauded the company’s no-code platform.

Tonkean’s no-code platform will fundamentally change how enterprise software is built, delivered and maintained within every enterprise, just as Slack did with communication tools and UiPath did with RPA

Miles Clements, a partner at Accel
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