Tiger Global Racks up its Biggest Fund Yet Worth $6.65 Billion

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Let’s start with some raw numbers. According to data collated by Venture Intelligence, Tiger Global, a globally renowned investment firm based out of New York City, has invested appx $3.4 billion in 83 companies just in India. A hedge fund, to begin with, Tiger Global invested roughly 1/5th of its total investments in the year 2020 in Indian companies. These companies vary from food delivery enterprises such as Zomato, educational technology companies such as BYJU’s, enterprises such as Flipkart, Cred, and more.

As of April 3rd, 2021, Tiger Global has racked up a fund of $6.65 billion from across the world. This is not only Tiger Global’s biggest tally so far, but also, a point worth noting is that this tally follows its previous fund in 2020, which was worth $3.75 billion. Following a rampant funding binge in India, this investment firm is now gradually rising to be one of the most active investors in the Indian market. The Economic Times reported earlier that Tiger Global was in talks with two brand new platforms regarding funding their growth. These two platforms include Groww and Pristyn Care. While Groww is an up-and-coming online investment platform, the latter belongs to the healthcare industry with a specialization in surgeries.

The inception of Tiger Global dates to circa 2001 when Chase Coleman III decided to establish Tiger Technology with the $25 million that his mentor, Julian Robertson, left behind for him when she pulled the plug on her firm Tiger Management. With $25 million as seed money, Coleman started with Tiger Technology in a hedge fund primarily operative in the public equity market. Following an expansion and the christening of the new name, Tiger Global Management, the firm entered the territory of private equity. Multiple market reports, including one by Preqin Venture Report, Tiger Global was the best performing venture capital firm for a decade or so, from 2007 to 2017.

Last year, Tiger Global boasted of an AUM (Assets Under Management) figure of $50 billion. With thirteen global fundraises, the latest one was poised to raise about $3.7 billion. Among its notable victories is the fund’s corpus worth $600 million that was invested in Stripe. Today, this company is valued at a whopping $95 billion. The investment firm has also been an active leader in fundraising rounds for HighRadius, an Artificial Intelligence FinTech company, 6sense, a company that functions as an Account Engagement Platform, and Cityblock Health with amounts of $300 million, $125 million, $192 million respectively. TechCrunch also reports that Tiger Global might be invested in co-leading a fundraising round for an amount of $300 million for Groq, a company focusing on AI chipmaking.

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