Thingsup raises $100,000 from GSF Accelerator to meet growing demand for digitizing cold chain logistics

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Thingsup, a low code IoT (Internet of Things) platform, announced that it had raised $100,000 from GSF Accelerator. Rajesh Sawhney, Founder and CEO of GSF Accelerator; Pras Hanuma, CEO of Infoquest; Dinesh Agarwal, CEO of Indiamart; and J. Murugavel, CEO of are among the startup’s backers.

According to iobot– Thingsup’s parent company, the investment will be used to meet the growing demand for digitizing cold chain logistics. This market is rapidly expanding as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Akshay Ghadage and Pranav Naiknavare founded iobot in 2016. Thingsup, launched in 2020, is a low-code, SaaS-based software that includes ready-to-use wireless IoT sensors and allows companies to digitize their entire supply chain processes in days rather than months.

The global cold chain and asset monitoring needs are growing exponentially to maintain shipment quality and operational optimization. Thingsup is today ready to meet this demand, and this investment will go a long way in helping us scale up and reach more clients.

Pranav Naiknavare

He said, “Thingsup’s wireless sensor nodes are specifically designed for package health monitoring and enable individual-level package health monitoring possible and economically viable at scale. The platform includes dedicated modules for asset monitoring, fleet management, real-time temperature monitoring, and shipment Integrity monitoring.”

He said that the startup now has a varied clientele from industries such as dairy, food and beverage, healthcare, and e-groceries.

Akshay Ghadage, iobots’s co-founder, said that Thingsup uses easy-to-deploy IoT sensors and a powerful analytics tool to help companies continuously monitor the state of their assets and provide real-time and journey-wise status of shipments.

The iobot team has built a fantastic low-code IoT platform in Thingsup, and the feedback from their customers universally underlines the tremendous business value and that their platform is already delivering. 

Rajesh Sawhney, Founder and CEO, GSF Accelerator

He added that his company was very excited to collaborate with them, and they were sure that iobot would be one of India’s greatest IoT success stories in the months and years ahead.

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