Teresa Carlson to leave Amazon Web Services for Splunk

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Terese Carlson, after having served as the vice president of Worldwide Public Sector and Industries at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for over a decade, is set to quit and join a more recently created position of president and chief growth officer at Splunk on April 19 this year.

Her focus shall be mainly towards increasing Splunk’s business transformation and cloud-first initiatives. In a press release later, Carlson pontificated on capitalising on Splunk’s legacy of innovation, stating that it was one of the fastest growing companies in the history of enterprise software. Carlsen added, “I am thrilled to join the passionate and talented team at Splunk, and motivated by this opportunity to bring exciting cloud and data solutions to global customers across all industries.”

With a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from Western Kentucky University, Carlsen flaunts her decades of experience from various industries. Prior to AWS, Carlsen was the vice president, Federal Sales and Operations, Microsoft Corporation for a decade. She had also served as the Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Business Development at Keyfile Corporation.

Splunk, is a San-Francisco based MNC, producing software solutions through a web-style interface for searching, analysing and  monitoring machine-generated big data. Having over 15000 customers worldwide,they aim to manage cloud complexity more efficiently and accelerate innovation, fending off disruptors. 

Splunk has also begun developing machine learning algorithms and solutions for BizOps, which integrates business and technology functions through data based decision making. Over the last three years, Splunk has developed Industrial Asset Intelligence (IAI) that extracts information from IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) data and helps customers give the information they need along with critical alerts.

Also, less than a year after acquiring SignalFx for $1.05 billion and Omnition, it launched an application performance monitoring (APM) pairing the features of both companies to help DevOps teams identify opportunities faster.

At Splunk, Carlsen shall be reporting directly to President and CEO Doug Merritt, who earlier praised her stating that Carlsen, with her deep industry, software and cloud knowledge shall be “an excellent addition to their team.”

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