Tenderly raises $15.3M in Series A round led by Accel

SaaS News - Tenderly raises $15.3M in Series A round led by Accel (source: SaaS Industry)
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Tenderly, a cryptocurrency startup, has raised $15.3M in a Series A investment led by Accel Ventures. The money will go toward expanding the company’s worldwide reach and hiring engineers and businesspeople in new locations. Tenderly is a small company with 14 employees based in Serbia.

Tenderly, a crypto startup, has said that it has raised $15.3 million in a Series A funding round led by Accel with participation from Tenderly’s existing investors. Tenderly is an Ethereum developer platform that allows developers to track and test the smart contracts that power their decentralized apps.

According to Tenderly’s CEO Andrej Bencic, this fund will allow the company to extend its worldwide footprint and recruit engineers and businesspeople in new locations. 

The startup’s goal has been to ensure budding blockchain developers aren’t left in the dark about contract flaws until users report them, rather than allowing users to uncover bugs in advance. While Tenderly’s Visual Debugger is currently in use by “tens of thousands” of Ethereum developers, the firm aims to expand its toolkit to assist more developers in building on Ethereum networks without the hassles and inconsistencies they’ve had to deal with in the past.

Tenderly, from its inception, has been a solution to one of our own problems. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to observe and extract information from Ethereum and the adjacent networks.

Andrej Bencic, CEO at Tendely’s

The bulk of Tenderly’s customers so far have been tiny startups looking to get into the fascinating realm of blockchain-based computing, with a particular focus on decentralized banking. Tenderly is a small firm headquartered in Serbia with a staff of 14.

We built most of Tenderly in the bear market, and one thing we saw is that even though you get these concerning prices, people that are excited about the tech are excited about the tech whether the coins are up or down.

Andrej Bencic, CEO at Tendely’s
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