TCS launches a SaaS-based enterprise tool called Jile 5.0
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Tata Consultancy Services has released Jile 5.0, a SaaS-based solution. Jile 5.0 is available in two versions. The Standard edition and the Enterprise edition. Jile 5.0 gives organizations a unified picture of their portfolios and programs, allowing them to align execution with strategy better. This will help business stakeholders, and teams collaborate more effectively and reduce the time it takes to launch new software.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of India’s major IT service providers, has announced the launch of Jile 5.0, a SaaS-based enterprise tool. 

Jile 5.0 is the most recent version of the company’s on-the-cloud Enterprise Agile planning and delivery solution, allowing businesses to satisfy large-scale development demands across many dispersed teams.

Jile 5.0 provides a single view of portfolios and programs, allowing organizations to match execution with strategy better. This will aid business stakeholders and teams in successfully collaborating and reducing time-to-market for new software. Jile’s Lean portfolio budgeting also assists stakeholders in making educated investment decisions to meet specific company objectives.

There are two versions of the solution. A Standard version is designed for medium and large businesses that are just starting to scale agile methods across many teams. The Enterprise edition is a higher version for major businesses with established agile methods.

In addition to the capabilities included in the Standard edition, the Enterprise edition allows teams to use configurable dashboards to analyze budget allocation against consumption, as well as portfolio, program, and team performance.

With its intuitive user interface, Jile is easy to learn and enables our customers to embrace industry-proven Agile methods and frameworks across the enterprise and accelerate their growth and transformation journeys. The new release of Jile comes in two editions catering to the needs of organizations at different maturity levels and helps customers manage their portfolios better to align execution with strategy.

Durga Maruwada, Business Head, Jile, TCS
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