Tagg launches a social branding software for Gen Z, backed by former Facebook and Twitter executives

Gen Z is dissatisfied with the social media platforms they grew up with, so they’re creating their own. Tagg, a “social branding” app for creative adolescents and twenty-somethings, has raised $2 million in a seed round led by Biz Stone, Facebook’s former VP of International Growth Ed Baker, TripAdvisor founder Stephen Kaufer, Pillar VC, and others.

Tagg, founded by recent Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design graduates, is still in private beta, with thousands of members and thousands more on the waiting list. It’s similar to a link-in-bio service, but a social component encourages young creatives to create, interact, and form connections.

“In the digital world, the more authentic your brand, the more genuine your connections. Current social platforms fall short as they were not built for this evolving intersection of branding and connecting. Tagg is building and growing an environment allowing for full creative expression of oneself — no restrictions, no stigma.”

The Company says

Tagg may evolve toward allowing users to earn a valuable coin or token in the future. Tagg is concentrating on onboarding and attracting new customers from its waiting list for the time being.

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