symplr acquires SpinFusion in an undisclosed deal

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SpinFusion was bought by symplr, a corporate healthcare SaaS in an undisclosed deal. SpinFusion will be added to symplr’s growing range of workforce management products, allowing healthcare organizations to use their employees better.

symplr, an enterprise healthcare SaaS, has announced that it has acquired SpinFusion in an undisclosed deal. symplr is backed by Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. together with its affiliates and Charlesbank Capital Partners.

SpinFusion, a healthcare scheduling software provider focusing on physician scheduling software, will join with symplr’s growing range of workforce management products, allowing healthcare businesses to utilize their personnel better.

Adding SpinFusion to our growing workforce management portfolio is particularly important given today’s challenging healthcare environment. Physician demand far exceeds supply, and optimal staffing logistics are essential to an organization’s bottom line. SpinFusion’s web and mobile staffing solutions enable physician schedules to be easily managed and viewed in real time for maximum productivity. 

BJ Schaknowski, CEO of symplr

Healthcare businesses may use symplr’s workforce management SaaS solutions to make it simpler to employ, retain, optimize, and expand their whole staff and enhance provider workflow and function more effectively. They enable businesses to make data-driven staffing decisions that help them control and manage labor costs, boost productivity, boost employee engagement, and enhance patient outcomes. With SpinFusion, symplr can better meet the specific and increasingly complicated demands of physician scheduling. Physician schedules are adjusted as a result, and patient outcomes—and satisfaction—improve.

The release of our fifth-generation staffing logistics platform this year was built on our nearly two decades of experience and is positioned for a market paradigm shift. We are thrilled to join symplr, a true juggernaut in the healthcare technology space. Together, this combination creates a new class-leading option for healthcare enterprises. Finally, the patchwork quilt of inadequate technology can be replaced by one optimized platform with two equally important goals: better operations, better outcomes.

Matt Mendez, MD and founder of SpinFusion

Regarding the legal aspects of the deal, Sidley Austin LLP is representing symplr and Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. in this acquisition.

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