Sosivio raises $4 million in a seed round led by Seamans Holdings

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Sosivio, a container observability startup, has raised $4 million in a seed round led by Seamans Holdings. Superposition Venture Partners and Side Door Ventures also participated in this round.

Nuri Golan, Co-founder, and CEO said that the funds would be used to finance product releases and enable the business to expand over the next few years.

Sosivio’s software gives users insight into cloud-native environments and constructive fault detection, automatic resolution, and signal background interpretation. It monitors data across several layers in a cloud environment, making process management easier on each server. Without the use of agents or data offloading, Sosivio may conduct app profiling and observability.

Golan added that Sosivio’s co-founder and CTO, Liran Cohen, was the lead Kubernetes programmer for Redhat Europe. He worked on some of the most significant cloud ecosystems for highly controlled businesses, organizations, and governments.

During [Cohen] his time working with these customers and fixing critical failures after the fact, with hours and hours of human intervention from several teams in the org, he started to conceptualize a way to do this with the help of AI. Adam Weiner, Avi Stokholm, Cohen, and I joined forces to help make this brilliant technology out of the ‘garage.’

Nuri Golan, Co-founder, and CEO

Sosivio, which employs twenty-one people, competes with a host of container monitoring and observability startups, such as Sysdig, which raised $70 million in a Series E funding round last year. But according to Golan, Sosivio’s approach is delivered as a series of microservices, which means it can be used by companies in regulated industries like financial services.

Golan said that It just takes a few minutes of analysis to understand what a huge potential the observability landscape presents and how large a gap exists between the resources available and what consumers want.

Sosivio has been negotiating with ten clients, Golan says, including a tech and IT firm, a military team, an online poker, and gaming company, a music startup, and an AI company, ahead of its formal launch in a few weeks.

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