Sonatus raises $35M in Series A from Translink Capital, others

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Sonatus has raised $35 million in Series A funding led by Translink Capital to fuel growth and drive its mission of empowering automakers with cloud-based software solutions to transform vehicles into “data centers” on wheels.

Sonatus, a company building cloud-based vehicle software solutions, has announced its Series A fundraise of $35 million from Translink Capital. A group of automotive and technology investors – Hyundai Motor Group’s Kia Corporation, SAIC Capital, LG Electronics, Marvell, UMC Capital and Wanxiang Group Company – participated in the round.

In a press release, Sonatus stated that the funding validated its vision in the automotive ecosystem. The company plans to use the proceeds from the funding to fuel growth by helping automakers transform vehicles into “data centers on wheels,” powered by next-generation architecture software-defined vehicle solutions.  

Sonatus, founded in 2018, provides software solutions to empower automakers with dynamic capabilities and enable them to manage and innovate with their vehicles efficiently. Unlike other solutions, the company states that Sonatus offers solutions that rely solely on over-the-air software updates to modify a vehicle, enabling automakers to remotely add features, remedy problems, and manage vehicle data in real-time without the cost and disruption of software updates.

Jeff Chou, co-founder and CEO of Sonatus, expressed delight in receiving funds from a prominent group of automotive OEMs and suppliers, demonstrating confidence in its business model and software solutions. Mr. Chou stated that today’s driving dynamics needed replacement by digital dynamics as a new competitive differentiator. 

As vehicles become more technologically complex and data-driven, they must adopt software-defined technologies that originate from modern data centers—to become veritable ‘data centers on wheels.’ Our software-defined and automotive expertise make us the right partner at the right time to help automakers embrace Digital Dynamics—speed, agility, and control with digital technologies and build the vehicles of the future

Jeff Chou, co-founder and CEO of Sonatus

Stefan Heuser, head of Venture Investments at Hyundai CRADLE, stated that Sonatus is unique among emerging automotive technology partners, striving to achieve the vision of cars becoming data centers on wheels and added,

They balance breakthrough innovation with pragmatism to offer credible solutions that not only help with software architecture but also to bring us to the forefront of technology innovation. When Hyundai Motor Group is making an investment decision, we often consider if we could envision working with that supplier. Sonatus fits that profile, and we are pleased to be a part of their success in the automotive industry.

Stefan Heuser, head of Venture Investments at Hyundai CRADLE
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