SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal complete merger deal to offer innovative digital employee experience

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SocialChorus and Dynamic Signal have announced the completion of their merger. The combined entity will work under SocialChorus CEO and aspires to provide the best, innovative and customer-focused, cloud-based digital employee experience

Digital workforce communication platform SocialChorus and employee communication and engagement platform Dynamic Signal, two SaaS companies in the digital employee experience (DEX) space, have completed a previously announced merger agreement led by Sumeru Equity Partners, a press release from SocialChorus said.

According to SocialChorus, the combination of both companies would create an innovative and customer-focused cloud-based digital employee experience software provider. Gary Nakamura, CEO of SocialChorus, would lead the combined company, comprising executives from both. Also, until the announcement of a common, unified brand, the two companies would operate under their current brands. 

SocialChorus, founded in 2008, provides a digital workforce platform, FirstUp, that offers employees personalized information and systems access wherever they are. Sumeru Equity Partners acquired it in 2020 after gaining a majority stake in the company. Dynamic Signal, on the other hand, also works in the DEX space and aspires to create a committed, connected and engaged workforce making employees feel valued and empowered. 

SocialChorus stated that over 15 million employees across the globe, including over 500 customers and nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies, were leveraging the combined companies’ service. 

Gary stated that the close of this transaction would be the first step towards realizing the great benefits of the merger and thanked the teams at Dynamic Signal and SocialChorus for their incredible efforts, which facilitated the attainment of the milestone.

Together we are guided by a shared vision, common values, and laser focus on our customers. We are excited about our future and our vision as we can clearly see how we will unify the digital employee experience, continue to drive innovation and most importantly value our customers

Gary Nakamura, CEO of SocialChorus
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