Smartworks introduces a workspace management SaaS product aimed at landlords and businesses

Smartworks, a flexible workspace provider with a footprint of five million square feet distributed across nine locations, including Hyderabad, has established Smartworks Technology Services with a $25 million investment (about Rs 190 crore).

Smartworks Technology Services is a building operating platform and workspace management SaaS product aimed at landlords and organizations. Startup Street chatted with Neetish Sarda, the founder of Smartworks, to learn more about this new startup.

The SaaS offering will prioritize employee health, well-being, and productivity, which will combine technology with flexibility, safety, privacy, and security. Landlords will manage their office assets more efficiently and sustainably thanks to the building operating platform.

Companies may better manage their office space with the new portfolio of technologies by increasing speed, productivity, and operational economies. Enterprises will be able to make faster and wiser data-driven real estate decisions, such as space allocation, optimization and utilization, and transformation of their employees’ whole office experience due to the services.

“Built in-house for improved performance and efficiency, our 400 plus clients are already benefiting from these technology solutions. Additionally, these SaaS solutions have also been sold to external enterprise clients,”

Neetish Sarda, founder, Smartworks.
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