Slack unveils audio tool Huddles, and new features for video recording, sharing

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Slack launches Huddles, a feature to encourage casual conversations that get missed out due to remote working, and new video sharing and recording capabilities to help users share their thoughts ahead of a scheduled meeting, as per their convenience. These features would be rolled out for paid teams

Slack, the enterprise software platform allowing businesses to communicate effectively, has unveiled its new audio tool for paid teams, Huddles, to recreate spontaneous informal conversations in offices. It also said that new features would be available for paid teams to create and share videos in the coming months .

In an official blog post, Slack stated that Huddles would focus on encouraging casual conversations, especially in the times of remote working, where the ability to initiate quick chats remains a challenge. Huddles could be started in any channel or DMs with just a click.

“Slack huddles are particularly useful when you want to discuss a complex topic on the fly without having to negotiate busy calendars and want a break from being on camera. You can even share your screen within a huddle for those moments when it’s easier to work through a design, deck, or proposal together,”

The Slack team wrote.

With respect to the video-sharing features, the company said that the aim was to help users share ideas asynchronously at their convenient time. The recordings would also be archived with searchable transcriptions, allowing anyone to watch them whenever they want. It also comes with an improved playback experience, allowing users to speed up or slow down the content, read through transcripts or watch from mobile phones.

“Instead of having daily huddle meetings at 09:00, or scheduling a full meeting just to pitch a set of slides, imagine everyone being able to record their ideas and contribute to the conversation on their own time. That’s why we’re introducing a new way to easily create and share video, voice and screen recordings in Slack,”

The Slack team wrote.

Slack said that both the features (Huddles and recordings) would offer live captioning, be inclusive from the start, and help bring everyone into the conversation.

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