Skello raises $47.3 million in a Series B round led by Partech

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Skello, a French startup, has raised $47.3 million (€40 million) in a Series B funding round from Partech. Skello is working on a SaaS platform to help organizations manage their work schedules. At every level of the scheduling process, Skello keeps track of legal responsibilities.

Skello, a French startup, has announced that it has raised $47.3 million (€40 million) in a Series B funding round led by Partech. Other investors include XAnge and Aglaé Ventures.

Skello has been developing a SaaS application that allows companies to manage their work schedules while also taking into account local labor rules and collective bargaining agreements.

We really want to put employees at the center of the product. They have a mobile app, and the idea is to make the work schedule as collaborative as possible in order to allocate resources as efficiently as possible and increase team retention.

Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux, co-founder and CEO of Skello

Skello collaborates with businesses in various industries, including retail, hospitality, pharmacies, bakeries, gyms, escape rooms, and more. And many of them were just managing their schedules with Microsoft Excel. Skello is an online tool that both managers and employees may use. You can see who is working and when from the manager’s perspective. Employees can be assigned to fill in some gaps.

Skello keeps track of legal obligations at every stage of the scheduling process. Skello, for example, recalls required weekly break periods. The software recognizes that your staff is unable to work over a long period. Skello can also keep track of overtime, holiday hours, Sunday shifts, and so on.

Skello can generate a report with everyone’s timesheet as the end of the month approaches. Skello may also be integrated directly with your payroll software to make the process a little easier.

Skello is currently deployed at 7,000 retail locations. By 2022, the company hopes to grow into more European nations and boost its workforce from 150 to 300 personnel.

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