SightCall raises $42 million in a Series B funding led by InfraVia

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Sightcall, an augmented reality platform provider, has raised $42 million in Series B funding led by InfraVia, a European private equity firm. Bpifrance had also participated in this round. The valuation of this round has not been disclosed. SightCall has raised $67 million to date.

The funds would improve the company’s technology stack, including adding more artificial intelligence solutions and widening its customer base.

Thomas Cottereau, CEO and co-founder, said that AR infrastructure is at the heart of their service. Over the video feed, the augmented reality experience overlays additional detail, pointers, and other resources.

Field support engineers, for example, use this technology to coordinate with central offices while repairing vehicles, or call centers, use AI to diagnose whatever the issue is. 

For situations that traditionally depended on work instructions, hastily drawn maps, instruction manuals, and voice-based explanations to advance the work in question, this is a significant step forward.

Cottereau said, “We like to say that we break the barriers that exist between a field service organization and its customer.”

SightCall was founded in Paris, France, before moving to San Francisco and has since grown to be a significant player in various industries, including insurance, telecommunications, transportation, telehealth, engineering, services, and life sciences/medical equipment.

The technology is unique to SightCall, having been developed for several years and optimized to be used with a standard smartphone and even a basic mobile network; crucial in situations where coverage is inadequate or areas are distant.

SightCall pioneered the market for AR-powered visual assistance, and they’re in the best position to drive the digital transformation of remote service.

Alban Wyniecki, a partner at InfraVia Capital Partners

He added that as a global leader, SightCall will now extend their skills by making their communications more intelligent and introducing more automation to assist humans in performing at their best.

Antoine Izsak of Bpifrance said, “Businesses are looking for solutions like SightCall to enable customer-centricity at a greater scale while augmenting technicians with knowledge and expertise that unlocks efficiencies and drives continuous performance and profit.” 

SightCall has 200 corporate clients on its accounts, including Kraft-Heinz, Allianz, GE Healthcare, and Lincoln Motor Company, and provides services on a B2B basis and teams operating for consumer customers.

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