ServiceNow enters agreement to acquire indoor mapping company Mapwize
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ServiceNow has entered an agreement with Mapwize to provide indoor mapping services for its employees in an age of hybrid work. The deal would involve an integration of Mapwize capabilities into the Now platform. The terms remain undisclosed.

ServiceNow, a provider of cloud-based solutions to manage and automate enterprise operations, has entered an acquisition agreement with Mapwize to buy the latter for providing indoor-mapping services for employees, a press release from ServiceNow said.

Mapwize, founded in 2014, provides an indoor mapping platform to guide people inside buildings. ServiceNow stated that the acquisition of Mapwize would empower employees to confidently navigate their workplace with native mobile mapping and wayfinding capabilities in the new world of hybrid work.

Blake McConnell, senior vice president of employee workflows at ServiceNow, stated that the role of workplace services in hybrid working age is crucial to create great employee experiences and added,

“With Mapwize, ServiceNow will power the future of employee experiences by making it easier for people to navigate their work environment and access the workspace information and workplace services they need to remain productive.”

Blake McConnell, senior vice president of employee workflows at ServiceNow.

ServiceNow would build Mapwize’s capabilities natively into its Now Platform to support flexible and agile workplaces. The company aims to power the world of hybrid work with this acquisition. According to a ServiceNow study on employee experience, which surveyed over 3000 employees at large enterprises in North America and Europe, 65 percent voted for a hybrid working environment that provides flexibility, digital and in-person interactions. 

With Mapwize’s mapping solutions, product features and technical talent, ServiceNow’s existing Workplace Service Delivery capabilities- Workplace Space Mapping, Workplace Reservation Management, Workplace Space Management, Workplace Visitor Management, Case and Knowledge Management and the Safe Workplace Suite – will be enhanced, the company said.

Médéric Morel, co-founder and CEO of Mapwize, stated that ServiceNow has been a global leader in driving beautiful employee experiences. Expressing delight at joining the ServiceNow team, he added,

“With ServiceNow, we have the unique opportunity to scale our technology to help global organizations navigate hybrid work environments. Our technology, paired with the Now Platform and Workplace Service Delivery Suite, will remove the stress and time of navigating the workplace, allowing employees to stay agile and efficient in any environment, on any device.”

Médéric Morel, co-founder and CEO of Mapwize

The acquisition is expected to close by Q3 2021. The financials of the agreement remain undisclosed.

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