Sequoia and Bessemer help Gadget, a Developer productivity startup, raise $8.5M

Gadget, a developer productivity firm founded by two former Shopify workers based in Ottawa, has received $8.5 million in venture funding. Sequoia Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners led the round, including Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s co-founder, and CTO; Koen Koppen, Klarna’s CTO; Solmaz Shahalizadeh, Shopify’s head of data science and engineering; and more.

Harry Brundage and Mohammad Hashemi founded Gadget in 2020 to help e-commerce app developers spend less time developing code. By allowing developers to skip the busy work associated with their duties, the platform helps them to build and expand apps more effectively.

“We started Gadget because we were trying to build a bunch of different things ourselves and got frustrated with how long it took to get anything off the ground”

Brundage, CEO of Gadget

In the future, Brundage and Hashemi want to create a long-lasting company that makes it easier to produce essential software. Brundage stated that many potential beneficial tools have yet to be invented, and Gadget hopes to bring those things to life.

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