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Sensor Tower, a mobile phone application-based business research company, has made its first acquisition by buying Pathmatics, a marketing network. The acquisition would allow the companies to offer a broader range of digital and mobile advertising insights to their respective customers. In the future, customers from both firms will be free to choose to use the services of the other. The two firms are teaming up when digital advertising is rising due to market developments linked to the pandemic.

Sensor Tower, a mobile app market intelligence firm, has acquired Pathmatics, a marketing platform. This is Sensor Tower’s first acquisition. Pathmatics paid digital and social media network will now be integrated with Sensor Tower’s operations. The deal’s terms were not disclosed, but it includes an undisclosed Riverwood Capital growth investment in Pathmatics.

The acquisition will allow the companies to provide their respective customers with a broader range of digital and mobile advertising insights, including new social insights driven by Sensor Tower for TikTok, YouTube mobile app, and Snapchat this year.

Pathmatics’ social and digital reach will be extended internationally, and the firms will add digital TV (over-the-top) analytics, expanded coverage for smartphone users, and ad insights.

Customers from both companies will be able to opt into the other’s solutions in the future, including email, social media, and digital analytics. The two firms will collaborate to put more goods to market for their combined 600 clients in 50 countries in the long run. One of them is a proposal to integrate Pathmatics’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other digital ad intelligence into Sensor Tower, as well as an attempt to expand Sensor Tower’s data set beyond software installations.

The two companies are collaborating when digital advertising is on the rise, thanks in part to industry trends related to the pandemic. According to eMarketer, advertisers boosted their digital marketing budget by 12.7 percent to $368 billion last year as more companies started working digitally. In 2021, digital ads will account for 58% of all marketing spending.

Talking about the acquisition, Ramesh Venugopal, Technology Investor at Riverwood Capital, said that companies must understand and access the entire digital world, from smartphones to online to internet, using precise and informative data as the global economy transitions to digital.

The combination of Sensor Tower and Pathmatics presents a unique and valuable offering to customers allowing them to take advantage of a broad range of datasets with an increased focus on consumer privacy and deep digital insights that leaders in every industry will need.

Ramesh Venugopal, Technology Investor at Riverwood Capital
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