Saviynt expands strategic alliance with Deloitte to offer identity management solutions to enterprises

SaaS News - IAM SaaS provider Saviynt expands partnership with Deloitte (Source: SaaS Industry)

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Cloud identity solutions provider Saviynt has announced that its risk analytics, identity governance and other technologies would now be available as a managed service via Deloitte’s Identity+ Platform as it expands its strategic partnership with the latter to offer cloud identity solutions to enterprises 

Saviynt, a provider of cloud identity solutions for enterprises, has recently announced that its technology platform would be available as a managed service with Deloitte to provide strategic business solutions, a press release from Saviynt said.

The need

Saviynt said that identity management had undergone fundamental changes due to the talent acquisition struggles, evolving privacy and security regulations, growth in cloud adoption and the shift to hybrid workplaces. These have mandated enterprises to seek out trusted advisors to help them address these security and compliance challenges. With Saviynt integrated into Deloitte’s Digital Identity+ Platform, customers would be able to avail cloud-first solutions for tackling complex identity use-cases.

Saviynt stressed that the expansion, which combines its technology and Deloitte’s deep experience, would deliver organizations identity governance, privileged access, and access risk analytics capabilities as a managed service through the latter’s digital identity platform.

Scott Plutko, senior vice president at Saviynt, stated that the company had built a strong strategic relationship with Deloitte to offer its services to its joint customers in the technology, healthcare, consumer, and government and public sector industries.

“The natural next step in our relationship is a delivery model around managed services, where we work together to help clients address the most pressing identity security issues facing modern companies. We are excited to continue our valued relationship with Deloitte and help some of the world’s largest companies protect their valuable assets and stay ahead of the risk landscape,” Mr. Plutko added.

Scott Plutko, senior vice president at Saviynt

Saviynt, founded in 2010, provides an enterprise identity cloud platform that helps modernize identity and governance administration (IGA), enforces cloud privileged access management (PAM), automates user lifecycle management with predictive analytics, among others. Deloitte’s Digital Identity+ platform managed service offerings provide clients the ability to deploy new identity management capabilities and help them reduce operational overhead and labor costs. 

Chirag Patel, principal at Deloitte, stated that the clients today request a more comprehensive approach to cyber risk where identity acts as the new perimeter and core to determine how security capabilities can be managed and orchestrated better and added,

We look forward to mutually supporting our clients in their journey to evolve and grow their digital identity capabilities.

Chirag Patel, principal at Deloitte
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