San Francisco based Rise Capital enters India startup market

Rise Capital, based in San Francisco, has announced its entrance into the Indian startup market, founded by Nazar Yasin (formerly of Tiger Global and Goldman Sachs). Rise Capital, specializing in emerging markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, will invest in India through its global fund III.

India has already surpassed the United States as the world’s third largest startup ecosystem. However, Rise Capital believes that India’s growth narrative is still in its early stages, with substantial potential for further expansion in the coming years. 

By 2030, the VC fund forecasts that India’s tech startups would have generated well over $1 trillion in M-Cap.

“We are quite bullish on the Indian venture space and remain committed as we are a long term player. Our ability to spot high potential startups as demonstrated in other emerging regions gives us the confidence to deploy a significant part of our global fund in India,”

Nazar Yasin Managing Partner of Rise Capital

Rise Capital will try to invest in early-stage firms as it expands its operations in India and will back the potential winners in follow-on rounds. The fund has hired Anuj Mehta as its first investment team member to create and implement Rise Cash’s India investment strategy. It plans to ramp up its activity as it gradually deploys capital.

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