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Salesforce has announced new Slack features just a few months after announcing integrations with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Tableau. According to the company, the features are intended to “build a digital HQ” at enterprises that are embracing hybrid work.

Salesforce has announced new Slack features at its Dreamforce conference a month after unveiling integrations with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Tableau. The company says the features are designed to “build a digital HQ” at enterprises embracing hybrid work. Slack Clips, which allow customers to create and share media within Slack messages, and GovSlack, a new version of Slack that runs in a government-certified cloud environment, are two of them.

A digital-first approach fosters greater flexibility, inclusivity, and productivity, encouraging people to work when and where it is best for them. It isn’t about translating our existing work patterns to a virtual space but rather fundamentally reshaping how work gets done. We’re making it possible to work in a digital HQ where work is simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

According to the company’s blog post,

Slack Clips, which is now generally available, allows users to embed audio, video, and screen recordings within any Slack channel or direct message. According to Salesforce, the Clips playback experience was designed to be “inclusive and accessible,” allowing users to speed up or slow down the content, watch with captions, and open the transcript to jump to different parts of the conversation. Slack recordings are archived with searchable transcriptions for posterity.

Slack Connect now allows enterprise customers — specifically Enterprise Grid subscribers — to message anyone in Slack, regardless of whether they are already Slack customers. “Sponsored connections” in Slack Connect allow a user to host companies without requiring them to upgrade to a paid plan.

The blog post explains that now Sales teams can set up channels with each of their customers. By standardizing external collaboration, customer service teams can provide support to all customers. 

GovSlack, which was also announced at the event, is intended for public-sector customers who have more stringent compliance requirements than Enterprise Grid. Salesforce claims that its cloud-based platform meets “the highest security and operational requirements of the federal government,” including FedRAMP High and DoD IL4 certifications.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic spurred many government agencies to adapt technologically, the sensitive nature of public-sector work requires highly secure, government-certified solutions that often limit choices,

the blog post continues.

GovSlack’s launch comes roughly a year after Salesforce released Government Cloud Plus, a dedicated cloud instance of Salesforce’s Customer 360 and other platforms for federal, state, and local government customers in the United States. GovSlack appears to be a complementary offering — and part of a more significant move by Salesforce to secure a larger share of the public sector market.

At the same event, Salesforce announced a significant achievement in the fight against global climate change. The company claims to have achieved effective Net-Zero energy usage across its entire value chain by using 100 percent renewable energy and purchasing carbon offsets when this was not possible.

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