Salesforce announces new Slack integrations; Slack donates $54M to the Salesforce Foundation

SaaS News - Salesforce announces new Slack integrations; Slack donates $54M to the Salesforce Foundation (source: SaaS Industry)

At a Glance

CRM provider Salesforce has announced new Slack integrations across the sales, marketing and service cloud to connect employees, customers and partners in a single platform

A month after it completed its acquisition of Slack, Salesforce has announced new features, integrating Slack’s product to help teams stay connected, productive and perform work from anywhere, a press release from Salesforce said. 

Salesforce enunciated that with the new pre-built integrations between the two platforms, departments like sales, service and marketing could collaborate in channels uniting teams, streamlining workflows on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Additionally, business processes could be automated in Slack to make work simple, productive, flexible and pleasant. 

Bret Taylor, president and COO of Salesforce, stated that Salesforce and Slack in tandem are creating a digital HQ to help every company adapt and get back to growth today’s digital-first, work from anywhere world.

This is just the beginning for the Slack-First Customer 360 – which will fundamentally reshape how work gets done by connecting employees, customers and partners and the apps they use on a single platform

Bret Taylor, president and COO of Salesforce

Salesforce stated that the new features for the Sales Cloud provide deeper visibility into account details and connect the right people to close deals. With respect to the Service Cloud, teams would be able to deliver real-time customer support, bringing them directly into the channel whenever necessary. 

Salesforce and Slack would also give marketing teams and agency partners a shared digital workspace, helping marketers collaborate on customer journeys to derive insights faster. 

The way people work together has fundamentally changed, so we’re bringing the power of Salesforce directly into Slack to meet people where they already are. We saw a special opportunity to bring two companies and products together. Our guiding principles to build these Slack-first solutions were to make them multiplayer, lightweight, and quick; prioritizing integrations that help a user get work done and stay in their natural flow

Rob Seaman, SVP of product management at Salesforce

Additionally, Slack has donated $54 million to the Salesforce Foundation as part of the balance towards Pledge 1%, a global Salesforce-founded movement to inspire, educate and empower businesses to leverage their assets and create an impact, another press release from Salesforce said.

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