Sales Engagement Platform Outplay, announces the first-ever ‘30 under 30’ for SDRs in India

Outplay is a multi channel sales engagement platform that has forayed into India carving a niche for SDRs (Sales Developement Representatives). In a move to honour all Sales representatives Pan India, they have come out with the “30 under 30” SDR lists.

We’ve all encountered the sales representative in every walk of life and even if we don’t recognize them, they are there! Outplay has aimed at acknowledging the difficult task every SDR faces in the marketplace by recognising the hard work and talent of these young sales representatives. 

The task to filter out the 30 names was laid on the hands of top Sales leaders like, Prakhar Jain from Whatfix, Anupreet Singh from Slintel, Archana Lokesh from Zendesk, and Kartik Mandaville from SpringWorks. In total, over 500 nominations were submitted for the first edition by Outplay; which gave the jury quite the challenge.

“We’ll make sure we share unheard stories of all the superheroes out there who are hustling throughout to being the first line of defense, dealing with rejections every other minute, and still hustling to keep the pipelines full”

Laxman Papineni, CEO of outplay

We’re looking forward to hearing these stories! 

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