SaaS platform Resonate uncovers 10 new American voter segments

The AI-powered consumer data and intelligence platform, Resonate, announced that it has uncovered 10 unique voter segments that candidates standing for elections in the US must understand, target and engage for their upcoming political campaigns.

A company statement said, each of the 10 privacy-safe segments is described in the 2022 Resonate Midterm Election Voter Landscape report, and is available for direct activation across all channels and for first-party data enrichment.

“These hyper-targeted, robust voter segments provide a comprehensive set of unique attributes that influence voting decisions. The campaigns that take the time to understand and take action based on these nuances will ultimately be the ones that decide the future of our nation.”

Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate

Resonant claims that the new segmentation of the American Voter landscape provides an updated, comprehensive analysis of the sentiment, intent, motivations and values of the American voters who will determine the results of the 2022 elections.

Gernert, said, “Elections are won by the campaigns and candidates that effectively connect with voters by understanding them as individuals. Personal motivations, values, beliefs and experiences play a critical role in describing voters and defaulting to party descriptors alone won’t win this election.”

The report’s findings include:

  • Dependable Democrats (10.2% of U.S. population) oppose socialism and believe the top threats to the U.S. are President Trump and white supremacists.
  • Blue Dog Democrats (11.7% of U.S. population) are the only Democratic group who are majority male, and they are the least liberal. They’re the most religious, most urban and most burdened by student loan debt.
  • New Deal Democrats (8.9% of U.S. population) are the oldest voter segment. They’re favorable to socialism, extremely union friendly, and they’re also the group with the highest vaccination rate.
  • Pessimistic Progressives (12.4% of U.S. population) personally suffered financially due to the pandemic. They want to see racial quality and police reform. Surprisingly, they’re also the most moderate group on fiscal issues and were supportive of Trump’s trade reforms. They’re the least educated group and the least likely to turn out to vote.
  • Apathetic Independents (22.6% of U.S. population) are uninformed on major issues, but they know they’re anti-war. Over 9 in 10 aren’t registered to vote.
  • Impressionable Independents (6.9% of U.S. population) look similar to the Apathetic Independents except for one key factor: They are registered to vote.
  • Red Meat Republicans (6.9% of U.S. population) are a straight-ticket, high-turnout Republican group who believe Trump made America great again. They’re a rural group who are not open to green energy, and, while they’re concerned about the economy, their personal finances have not been affected by the pandemic.
  • Compassionate Conservatives (7.6% of U.S. population) cling to the way things were in the old GOP days, but they’re also the most socially liberal group. They are pro-infrastructure and pro-trade reforms and are the most concerned GOP group about white supremacists, rogue nuclear states and Russia.
  • Middle of the Road Republicans (5.6% of U.S. population) vote mostly because friends and family expect them to, and they will mail in their ballot. They are least likely to identify as Republican, and they were the most dissatisfied Republicans with Trump’s policies.
  • Bro-publicans (7.2% of U.S. population) always look out for No. 1 and vote based on personal economic benefit. They have more student debt than other GOP groups and are most likely to want student loans canceled. These are ex-Democrats who once voted for Obama, then voted for Trump.

Resonate is an AI-driven consumer data and analytics company, delivering deep, dynamic insights, activation, and analysis in a SaaS platform.  The 2022 Resonate Midterm Election Voter Landscape report is available for targeting via the Resonate Ignite platform.

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