Rybbon joins forces with Medallia

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Rybbon, a digital rewards provider, has announced a collaboration with Medallia, a SaaS platform, as well as the release of a new integration module. The partnership lays the groundwork for both parties to collaborate on extending and expanding the Medallia Experience Cloud platform.

Rybbon, a provider of digital rewards, has announced its partnership and the availability of a new integration module with Medallia, a SaaS platform focused on customer experience management, according to a press release by Rybbon. 

The collaboration lays the groundwork for both parties to collaborate on extending and expanding the Medallia Experience Cloud platform and participating in joint go-to-market activities. The integration of Rybbon and Medallia automates the management and distribution of incentives used in market research, employee experience, and customer experience programs, reducing time-consuming and costly manual processes.

The Rybbon automated digital rewards platform can dramatically reduce administrative time and improve response rates. It’s not unusual for our clients to see a dramatic increase in survey response rates by incentivizing respondents with a diverse selection of digital rewards.

Jignesh Shah, head of Global Integrated Incentives at Rybbon

The Rybbon for Medallia integration offers a ready-to-use solution that allows Medallia users to add Rybbon incentives to Medallia surveys easily. Rybbon is ideal for international rewards programs, as it provides prepaid rewards that are accepted in over 160 countries. Rybbon integrates with the most popular platforms to make rewarding automatic and straightforward. The combined offering is now available.

According to the press release, Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, on calls and digital channels, and over the video, social media, and IoT interactions, and then applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results.

Our clients are dedicated to driving loyalty and advocacy by improving the customer and employee experience. Rybbon’s powerful platform delivers rewards automatically and quickly in over 160 countries, giving our clients powerful new tools to increase participation, improve engagement, and drive employee recognition.

Steve Vierra, Executive Vice President at Medallia
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