Rootly raises $3.2M in seed round funding to expand its core product offering

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Incident management platform Rootly raises $3.2M in seed round funding to accelerate hiring, expand its core product offering and onboard more customers.

Rootly, a startup helping companies recover and learn from incidents, has announced the raise of $3.2 million in seed round funding led by Ross Fubini at XYZ Venture Capital with participation from 8VC (investors in Asana, Palantir) and Y Combinator.

Other investors and operators – Jason Warner (CTO GitHub), Bharat Mediratta (CTO Dropbox), Max Mullen & Brandon Leonardo (Co-founders Instacart), John Lilly (former Partner Greylock), Akshay Kothari (COO Notion), Andrew Fong (CTO Vise), Ed Shrager (former Softbank), Jett Fein (Partner Headline), Romain Huet (Stripe), and many more, participated in the round.

Rootly, founded in 2020, is an incident management platform that helps companies resolve incidents quickly by automating manual admin tasks and providing insights to prevent their occurrence again. In an official blog post on the company website, Quentin Rousseau, founder and CEO of Rootly, said that companies, irrespective of their sizes, experience incidents, but managing incidents could prove expensive, slow, manual and without the right platform. 

Stressing that about fifty-one percent of the companies worldwide report slower incident response times as COVID-19 forced the world remote, Mr. Rousseau added,

The challenges companies experience has been exacerbated over the last 18 months. System complexity continues to grow as companies shift towards cloud-native microservices and depend more on 3rd party services. Before Rootly, companies are forced to create prohibitively expensive homegrown solutions outside of their core competency.

Quentin Rousseau, founder and CEO of Rootly

The company said that the proceeds from the fund would be used to accelerate hiring, expand its core product offerings and continue onboarding more customers.

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