Rocket Lawyer raises $233 million in a Vista Credit Partners-led funding

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Legal tech startup Rocket Lawyer, providing legal services online, has raised $233 million from a funding round led by Vista Credit Partners, a strategic investor focused on enterprise software, data, and technology markets. Reports suggest that the proceeds shall be used to expand globally and make acquisitions in today’s fragmented market.

Rise of digital legal services

When the pandemic disrupted the status quo across sectors, filliping a transit to the digital era, legal services were also not left out. CEO Charley Moore, Founder, and CEO, Rocket Lawyer, a lawyer in Silicon Valley before starting Rocket Lawyer, justifies the need and rising demand for online legal services. 

“When you can’t have a physical presence, we see actual acceleration, that isn’t going to go back the other way. Not just regular people, but companies and governments have started depending on digital, legal transactions that don’t require physical presence. “Moore states

Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer has about 25 million registered users, offers online legal documents, and conducts virtual attorney meetings to businesses and individuals in the US, UK, and other parts of Europe. CEO Moore states that his company has been growing at a “very nice clip” without furbishing more details.

Rocket Lawyer’s mobile app, Rocket Evidence, also enables users to upload the footage or a crime video and get in touch with legal consultants and lawyers at the company.

“If you have a claim, someone will help you with that claim, again, using that as video evidence. And that was done in reaction to it the murder of Mr. Floyd by a government agent in broad daylight.” CEO Moore commented in the aftermath of George Floyd murder

Commenting on the investment, CEO Moore stated that the Vista Credits Partners shared their commitment to ensuring justice for everyone. Reciprocating delight, David Flannery, President of Vista Credit Partners, lauded the Rocket Lawyer team for pioneering a vital technology when millions were still unable to afford legal services.

“The pandemic has hastened the transition of legacy systems to a more accessible digital future, especially in the legal sphere. We believe this climate gives Rocket Lawyer an incredible growth opportunity, and we look forward to supporting their mission to democratize access to legal services.” David added.

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