Revenue Grid raises $20M in Series A from W3 Capital to transform B2B sales with AI-based revenue insights
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Revenue Grid raised $20M in Series A to revolutionize revenue intelligence and transform the B2B sales process through AI-based revenue insights

Revenue Grid, an AI-based Guided Selling platform for sales teams, raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by W3 Capital to transform the B2B sales process through AI-based revenue insights and its Guided Selling strategies, a press release from Revenue Grid said.

The seed round for Revenue Grid came in 2006, where it netted $1.5 million. ICU Ventures participated in the Series A round alongside its existing investors. Revenue Grid, founded as in 2005, rebranded to its current name in 2020 and offers AI-driven revenue signals to provide sales and revenue operations teams with intelligent selling capabilities.

The Revenue Grid SaaS platform enables sales teams to act on outreach, opportunity risks and engagement by automating sales routines and playbooks, fixing gaps in the sales process and measuring the impact these changes drive. Vlad Voskresensky, CEO of Revenue Grid, reiterated the company’s mission of giving customers a competitive advantage by digitizing their sales processes. Stating that the company is in a perfect position to expand globally, Vlad added,

“We are bringing smarter AI to sales, but it goes beyond just that. It is quite literally shifting the sales tech stack from the ‘view mode’ to the ‘do mode.’”

Vlad Voskresensky

Alongside the funding, Revenue Grid stated that Bob Stutz, president of customer experience at SAP, would join the Revenue Grid Board.

“Revenue Grid is a very interesting company as they look at optimizing sales processes in a very innovative way, and I am very excited to join their board to support them in growing their business on a global scale,”

Bob Stutz

Steve Wadsworth, partner at W3 Capital, stated that Revenue Grid is ahead of the market in intelligent Guided Selling and sales automation, and added,

“What has impressed us the most about Revenue Grid is their level of technology and product advancement and their innate understanding of the Sales and Revenue functions within organizations. Revenue Grid has already developed the solutions that the market is just now starting to look for,”

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