Relativity Increases its Global Reach by Offering RelativityOne in South Korea

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In collaboration with Intellectual Data, a firm with strong roots in Legal Technology Consultancy, based out of Korea, Relativity is now all set to offer their flagship product, the RelativityOne fully secured Software-as-a-service platform, not only in Korea but across Asia.

The reason why this decision is not considered to be too late is the fact that with the increase and popularisation of e-discovery services (a process in which the parties to litigation or legal dispute exchange and collate documents in the form of electronic documents and content matter to use as evidence when necessary), cloud data storage solutions are being demanded by companies and firms of different kinds. Ergo, this partnership will ensure the harmony in cloud services offered by RelativityOne and the e-discovery services offered by Intellectual Data.

In an interview with The Korea Herald, lawyers from Bae, Kim & Lee said that over the past few months, the number of cases involving foreign authorities that required the exchange of evidence via e-discovery methods was consistently on the rise. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that digital forensics will assume a greater role of importance when any litigation involves Korean companies and foreign authorities. However, it becomes difficult to maintain a consistent work process and efficacy of a law firm or a company without compromising the risk of data breaches, without an efficient system to organize massive data loads. This is where RelativityOne takes center-stage.

RelativityOne essentially is a creation of Relativity, a SaaS application that can handle huge amounts of data and pinpoint important issues that arise in litigations and investigations. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art AI communication surveillance platform that can track illegal trends and behaviors in the data it is fed, such as collusion, insider trading, etc. With an existing customer base of about 3,00,000 in over 50 countries that pans not only legal services but also financial sectors and government sectors, Relativity will be a crucial player in the future of data management.

On the announcement of this collaboration, both companies promise a healthy and profitable future. In an interview with Cision, Georgia Foster, the Managing Director, APAC with Relativity, said that the RelativityOne, upon large demand requests, will be on offer in the Korean market. Further, to make it cost-effective and capable enough to meet the demand in the Korean Market, Intellectual Data will be focusing on the localization of RelativityOne in the country.

Intellectual Data, on the other hand, is a major player in Korea in the sector of e-discovery services. With their specialization in end-to-end e-discovery services, Intellectual Data promises customizable options for a client’s IT network with adequate assistance from the Korean Legal Industry experts. Further, their services are patched with, in their own words, “robust security.” It is worth mentioning that Intellectual Data was the first player in the field of e-discovery services in the country and will be the first company to collaborate with Relativity in the country.

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